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The thing I enjoyed about the Bomba was the level of traction they provide. Just like the Bomba Finale the stud set up is designed to increase agility and it really works. I can take off faster, change direction confidently and never feel like I'm going to end up with a mouth full of turf pellets. The absence of turf pellets in the mouth is always a plus. The leather does take time to soften up, even then it isn't close to being on par with kangaroo leather, but it gives decent touch. The textured overlay does create friction on the ball, taking a touch with the area while turning had an almost magnetic feel and really controlled the ball.

Again just like the Bomba finale it is reliable. I've never doubted my traction and I was always comfortable going in on challenges. Shooting felt great, especially if I catch the ball just right to utilize the foam portion of the shot shield. Durability isn't really a concern thus far, the toe cap is double stitched to the upper and the out sole goes over the upper a bit so separation isn't a worry of mine. However there is a small area where the rubber portion of the out sole has started to peel away, it hasn't proved to be troublesome though.

Critics Notes

It has been a while since I've had an uncomfortable break in period. It may have been short but it was still unpleasant. They feel a bit awkward starting off, the leather doesn't want to conform to the foot and this causes them to feel bulky. They aren't that much heavier than the Finale, there is only a .6 ounce difference, but the way it is constructed makes it feel more like a 12oz boot. After they?adapted to my feet however they lost a bit of that impression. The area of separation is a bit worrisome but it hasn't gotten worse since I first noticed it.


As a little brother to the Bomba Finale this boot still retains most of the performance properties that we see in the Finale. The main points which this mid range gets points knocked off is in the comfort department. In hind sight this is one of the more uncomfortable boots I've had initially but the performance is worth the time it takes them to break in. For a $40 they are very impressive and I don't regret picking them up. If you are a fan of the Finale and want a back up boot the Bomba Pro is a very suitable option.

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With only a few weeks left until the kick off of Women's World Cup 2015, Nike has unleashed the kit that the USWNT will wear in Canada. Not only is this the cleanest kit released to date, but it is also revolutionary – both in its construction and how it will be sold!

For the first time ever, the replica of the women’s specific uniform will be available in men’s sizes, allowing all Americans to proudly display their support for the women’s team. Last week, we attended the launch event for the new kit in LA, and when we spoke with Sydney Leroux and Alex Morgan that was something they focused in on. Having their family members wear the exact same kit is something that will help motivate the players as they take the pitch, creating a sense of unity with the nation and all US soccer fans that want to support by wearing the primary white jersey.

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Surprisingly, here is a boot that I've had in my closet since before I started SoccerCleats101, yet I don't have a post about them. This particular pair of Adidas Predator Absolute also has a pretty big significance for me – they are the actual pair I wore when I made my professional debut for New England Revolution!

The PowerPulse was the 8th series and the 2006/07 Predator release. Pictured is the SG version, which features interchangeable aluminum blades. They weighed in at around 10.2oz, which at the time was a midrange weight point and pretty ideal for a Power boot. But the major talking point about these was the interchangeable insole, that allowed you to change between a regular insole and a slightly weighted version. Adidas built of the same concepts used in golf clubs, where the added weight provided extra momentum as you swing, increasing the force exerted on contact with the ball.

For those interested in picking up a pair, rest peacefully knowing that they can be found! eBay is the best place to look, with plenty of pairs and sizes currently on offer.

As for the all important Predator strike zone, it featured specifically positioned rubber elements that were segmented to allow for increased surface contact of the ball. As a result, there was more opportunity to put spin on the ball and off course you got a little extra power to boot.

When released, I was pretty enamored with this release and touted them as the best boot ever! Looking back on it, it was probably related to the fact that I was getting pairs for free. Now, if you take a snapshot of the entire history of the Predator and the latest Predator LZ, they definitely fall down the popularity line. Most Adidas fans will tell you that it is the look rather than the performance aspect of the boot that leave it as a slightly forgotten legacy.

In your opinion, how do these boots rate against the newer Adidas Predator releases? Leave your comments below – I'm interested to read your thoughts on the evolution of the range!

2014 World Cup Boots

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Buy This Colorway Today >>Surprise Release

Many fans will be surprised to see this third colorway in the Nike Vapor IX series released so soon after the initial Fireberry and Sunset. But it seems to be another extremely smart move by Nike, with these immediately getting huge praise. The design is slick and there is a certain appeal to the minimal design.

Changing the Upper

Rather than using the same dimple design seen on the initial set of Vapor IX releases, Nike has gone with a soft Teijin – as seen on the CR Mercurial Vapor IX.

ACC Technology

We are starting to become familiar with this one on all Nike releases. Nike’s innovative All Conditions Control (ACC) technology further aids performance and ensures a consistent touch whether playing in wet or dry weather.

What about the Soleplate?

A lightweight soleplate features two separate pieces of glass fiber, designed to for increased flexibility and responsiveness in the heat of the game. Again Nike has stuck with a 2 blade heel design, which allows for quick surface release and faster acceleration. This same configuration was used on the Nike Vapor VIII.

Available to Buy

Even though we are unlikely to see this colorway hit pitches until sometime in late February or early March, they are now currently available to buy. I actually don't expect to see a lot of professional players wearing these and don't be surprised if they are limited to a select few. You can order your own pair right now from

What is your impression of this latest colorway? Nike Mercurial Vapor IX – Neptune Blue/Volt/Pink Flash Mercurial Leopardo indoor soccer shoes on turf

Find your pair of Adidas F50 adiZero Samba.

No. 5 – Puma King 2013

Being decently weighted, comfortable, reliable and stable the Puma King is quite the underrated boot on the market. We have here a modern heritage that offers exceptional performance properties. Bryan, Ethan and I have all had the pleasure of using the boot and it has performed admirably on all fronts. It is a jack-of-all-trades kind of boot that can realistically go on any boot list because it is a versatile. You don't need me to tell you that being versatile is vital in being creative.

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